Henley keeping an eye on our snorkelers

Sailing with Henley

So yesterday we celebrated something fun…our mascot Henley’s 4th birthday. Some of you may have sailed with him, others may have seen his picture on Trip Advisor or Facebook over the last 4 years; he is our mascot, “second mate” and best friend! Henley is a maltese-shitzu, hypo-allergenic 11 lb sailor…seriously, he’s been at sea as often as possible since he came home with us at 8 weeks. So what do completely sane people do for their dog’s 4th birthday? Not really sure but we made him some sweet potato and grilled chicken and started him a instagram account (@sailingwithhenley)

Henley’s history

Henley was born local in St. Thomas and is named after Henley Cay, a small island off of St. John. He wasn’t always Henley, we knew that we would have to know him a little better before giving him his forever name and so we called him “Doug.”  We figured “Doug” and “Dog” sounded enough alike that maybe he wouldn’t be too confused when we named him for good.  We settled on Henley but unable to cut ties with our Doug days we gave him a middle name…a proper one, of course, Douglas.  Henley Douglas, aka Hen-dawg, has great sea legs, wonderful people skills and doesn’t [typically] beg for food.  He loves the shade, Captain Mike and hopping from dingy to sailboat.  He travels like a boss (ferries, planes, trains, auto-mobiles.. you get the idea) and we are excited to see him sailing our new vessel and meeting new guests!

Henley’s Instagram

We mentioned that we made him an Instagram and we did so per request of one of our more recent guests. We laughed at the idea, only briefly, before realizing it is pure genius. So many of our guests buddy up with Henley, snuggle or sun bath for the day and almost always take a selfie. We want to see more of those so we started this account with a reflection of what we think his personality is and some light hearted humor to accompany his cute face.


Henley does not always sail with us. Sometimes he stays home or, more often then not,  sits in the car with the AC on while we run errands. He IS always available upon request and we also have no hard feelings if someone requests a day without him.

If you’re reading this and have a photo of or with Henley please send them over to us @ [email protected]


Sailing with Henley
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