Getting Around and Transportation in St. Thomas

Getting Around St. Thomas

Many of you know that St. Thomas is a popular destination for tourists by cruise ship, airplane or ferry. Here we want to touch base on the ins and outs of transportation in St. Thomas and getting around St. Thomas once you are here!

If you are traveling to St. Thomas by air you will most likely fly into Cyril E. King Airport with the airport code “STT.” There are many major airlines that fly in and out of St. Thomas including: Delta, United, American, Seaborne, Virgin Atlantic, Jet Blue and British Airways. We highly recommend keeping an eye on Sky Scanner as we continue to find great deals that may help to dictate when you come or from where if you have the flexibility! Many of our friends, family and guests are loyal to South West Airlines who does not fly into St. Thomas but DOES fly into San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) which is just a 16 minute flight away via Seaborne or Americans into Cyril E. King or Seaborne seaplane into downtown waterfront, St. Thomas.

Cruising to St. Thomas

St. Thomas has 3 ports, 2 of which are major, for cruise ships to dock and boy do they!  On any given day there may be anywhere between 1 and 6 cruise ships in St. Thomas.  With the largest ships carrying up to 6,000 people these numbers really amp up tourism and the need for transportation, which we will follow up with later in this article. When cruising to St. Thomas you will likely dock at Havensight, known as West Indian Company Organization, or Crown Bay Marina. Havensight has many shops, restaurants and bars dock side. Of course, we always recommend hopping in a taxi right away and heading our way to allow us to showcase the natural beauty of the islands. Here is an example schedule showing you some of the ships that dock in St. Thomas and where:

See the full schedule here

We think that cruising has a lot of benefits and many of our guests we sail with are off of cruise ships giving the feedback that “they do not feel like they have as many people on board as they actually do,” often- sounds good to us!

Ferry to St. Thomas

If you are staying on St. John you likely ferried from St. Thomas TO St. John so you may have that commute down. You have 2 options when traveling by ferry between St. Thomas and St. John; the ferry from waterfront Charlotte Amalie and the ferry from Redhook on the east end of St. Thomas. Both options arrive/leave from Cruz Bay, St. John. The ferry from Redhook runs every hour on the hour until 11PM/Midnight and the ferry from Charlotte Amalie runs 3 times a day. While closer to the airport and cruising docks the waterfront ferry is 45 minutes and harder to match up with transfer day or cruising schedules.  Check the schedule that best suits you HERE

If you are visiting our neighboring British Virgin Islands you can ferry from Road Town, Tortola to Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas and Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke to Redhook, St. Thomas. Check that schedule out and call ahead to confirm the schedule prior to your travel day.

Taxi and Safari rides

When you arrive in St. Thomas, whether by plane or boat you will still need to get where you’re going. If you are not renting a car then you are going to need a taxi. Taxis are available and waiting at both the airport and the cruise ship docks. They are all a part of the Virgin Islands Taxi Association and have their own organized methods to filling taxis based on destinations and routes on the island. If you have not arranged a taxi ahead of time you will find the concierge (* typically in a Redshirt with clip board and radio*) and let them know where you wish to go. They will either point you towards a taxi or radio to find you one right away. This is not always the..hmm ..warmest of experiences however it is efficient in it’s own way with little “fluff.” The rate is per person and is typically $11-$13 per person (suitcases are additional costs) depending on where you are going. This IS the only option for taxiing on St. Thomas as they have only a certain number of medallions and keep the association at an across the board rate.

If you are staying on island you may find yourself in one of the open air taxis on the $1 safari route. This route is circular, one way and as stated $1.00 whether you ride it one mile or around the whole island- a pretty good deal! The dollar safari can be picked up on the left side of the road from Airport Road entrance to Tutu Park Mall and then to Redhook.

How Morningstar Can Help!

If you are traveling to St. Thomas and have questions about transportation, transfers, travel times or any other questions please feel free to reach out to us! We have a lot of experience, links to private taxis and more tips to make your travel days a breeze!

Shopping in St. Thomas

Shops In St. Thomas

We have found that shopping in St. Thomas has it’s layers and like anything setting expectations sets you up for success! So we are going to talk about the tiers of shopping in the islands, St. Thomas specifically, where to find what you’re looking for and how to shop efficiently.

St. Thomas Shopping, Tier 1:

Anywhere you live and no matter how you live you will have a day that your to-do list consists of “running errands.” This goes for island life too and St. Thomas is the place to go to check off much of your to- do list whether you are a local or a tourist. St. Thomas hosts the island’s “box stores” such as K Mart, Home Max, Home Depot, Walgreens, Advance Auto and Price Smart.

Kmart in the islands: Where you go for everything. It may be your last stop if you are stateside and hitting a general merchandise store but here in the Virgin Islands it is the closest thing we have to a one stop shop. It is a great place to go for odds and ends; bed pillows, shampoo, a tv and/or a Christmas Tree.  It provides a lot of convenient comforts however the comforts are not competitive with a stateside big box store (ie. higher prices and lack of specific options.) There are 2 Kmarts on St. Thomas one located at Tutu Mall and one located more centrally near down town or Yacht Haven Grand.

Home Depot in the islands: Home Depot looks and feels a lot like any other Home Depot even if the ride there is across a beautiful US Virgin Island. Home Depot has many of your home improvement needs such as raw materials, appliances, tools, plants, paint and other products for basic builds. The differences we have found between a stateside Home Depot and our on island Home Depot are: The options are limited and appliances can not be shipped to store for free, stateside Home Depot Sales are not honored, re-stock times or ship to store can take several weeks. Regardless of island time, we are grateful for Home Depot!

St. Thomas Shopping, Tier 2:

Office Max, Walgreens and Advance Auto:

Along with Tutu Mall’s Kmart, These 3 can be be found in a triangle formation right near Tutu mall. We are considering these Tier 2 as they are more specific. You may have checked off the majority of your list at Kmart and Home Depot but maybe you need a pack of printer paper, a new rear view mirror and a few pictures to print. The location of these 3 recognizable stores makes for a mostly-convenient check list. As with anything here in the islands, expect the unexpected.  Setting your expectations before walking into Advance Auto is important especially if your vehicle is on it’s last leg as many island cars are. The website is often lacking current information and will read “available in store” when it may not actually be. Advance Auto DOES ship and from personal experience they are easy to work with.

(side note: Rock Auto ships to the Virgin Islands and has very competitive pricing and ship times)

Walgreens seems like a beautiful and refreshing mecca here in the islands. You can have a prescription filled, print photos, pick up inexpensive potato chips and most of your hygiene favorites. They even honor your Walgreens card for points which add up quickly when you find all of those things you didn’t know you needed!

(side note: There are several places to fill a prescription including the famous and charming neighborhood drug store, Chelsea, with locations in both Redhook and Cruz Bay.)

Office Max is easily accessed from a 4 way light entering Tutu Park Mall.  Stocked with everything business-op, Office Max is a great staple! (haha..see what we did there?)

St. Thomas Shopping, Tier 3: FOOD

We mentioned Price Smart earlier which has many things from appliances and outdoor furniture to tires and booze. In between all of those wonderful necessities is your Costco-like food shopping! This might be our favorite stop when we are running errands as we can stock up on 10 lbs of cheese, a few cases of La Croix and every snack that our charter guests desire! Price Smart offers great prices, fresh(er) produce and plenty of stock! They do require a membership which can be applied for and purchased at the front desk as you walk in. They have a snack area that offers pizza, chicken and soft drinks if you need to refuel with some comfort food.  There are several other smaller food markets in St. Thomas that may be best for a weekly shopping list including: Moe’s Market, Plaza Extra, The Fruit Bowl and Food Center.

 St. Thomas Shopping, Tier 4: Retail

There are several options and many different price points for shopping retail in St. Thomas. Yacht Haven Grande located centrally on island and right next to Haven Site cruise port. Yacht Haven Grande has many stores to choose from with gated parking, a coffee shop and restaurant options for waterfront dining. Downtown, water front Charlotte Amalie, has several jewelry stores, surf shops and make up counters at AH Rise Mall along with local art and even a Tiffany’s. We highly recommend checking the cruise schedule as this is a popular destination for cruise guests causing significant crowds. Staying on the East End? Check out Caribbean Surf Co. located in Redhook next to Chelsea Drug Store.

Tier 5: Souvenirs

Shopping for Souvenirs in St. Thomas is a must! You can find many unique souvenirs down town near waterfront at the open air market. You can also pick up a handful of take-homes at Chelsea Drug Store! We highly recommend a local hot sauce, spice, tea or bottle of rum– we have yet to find a family member or friend who has turned down local rum! St. John is a quick ferry ride away and also has many hand crafted souvenirs, jewelry and clothing in Mongoose Junction, Wharf side Village and the town’s center open air park.

If you have any questions or would like some help structuring your day of shopping in St. Thomas please give us a shout!


Magens Bay VS. Trunk Bay

Magens Bay, St. Thomas Vs. Trunk Bay, St. John

Chances are if you’re visiting the US Virgin Islands you have heard of either or both, Magens Bay and Trunk Bay. Magens Bay is located on the Northside of St. Thomas and gains her fame as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Likewise in beauty, Trunk Bay is located in the heart of the National Park in St. John and has been featured time after time as one of the top beaches to visit and take a notorious overlook photograph. We wanted to give you a little insider scoop on both so that if you have to choose you have all of the information you need! Although, if you’re on a cruise ship and only have one day- choose to sail!

Magens Bay: St. Thomas

(Some of our favorite guests at Magens Bay!)

Magens Bay is by far the most popular beach and destination in St. Thomas. It is world renowned, breath taking, packed with amenities, island vibes and cold beverages. Every taxi driver knows how to get there, every local has spent countless days celebrating here and most tourists make it their first stop when they get back to island. Magens Bay offers a beautiful calm and protected view of the Caribbean waters stretching one mile on her sugar sand shores. The park itself is 68 acres of beach, parking, wetlands, mangroves, coconut groves, campgrounds and amenity houses. There are a total of 3 bath houses with clean areas to shower off after your fun in the sun or to use the facilities to do your business in a…err..civilized manor. The snack bar at offers frozen island drinks, beer, soda, mixed drinks as well as pizza, snacks and ice cream.

Rentals at Magens Bay

Whether your day at Magens Bay is impromptu or a significant celebration- you have options! If you’re having a large party you can plan to rent a covered cabana as they have several covered areas that are great for birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions or just a day of fun. Applications are available at the front gate with a $100 fee.

Need a beach chair? Beach chairs are available to rent through concessions and make for a much lighter packing list. Kayaks and small sailing sunfishes are also available to rent right from the sandy beach.

Admission Rates at Magens Bay

There is an admissions fee as well as a parking fee for entering Magens Bay. The rate is per person and per vehicle and differs between residents and tourists.

Here are the current rates as of April 2019:

Entrance Fees
Children under 12 years
Children 13 years & over
Vehicle Parking
Passes (including vehicle)
Shed Rental
Group Camping (2nights/3days)
Free entrance including covered space for the handicapped. Discounts are available for seniors and active military personnel with valuable IDs.
Free entrance for many summer/student programs



Trunk Bay: St. John

“Trunk Bay”.. You’ll hear every taxi driver say these two words as you step off the ferry in Cruz Bay. They know it is exactly where you want to go, even if you have yet to decide. The only beauty that rivals Trunk Bay itself might just be the overlook that VIEWS Trunk Bay.

(Trunk Bay Overlook- no filter!)

Trunk Bay is located on the North Shore of St. John nestled in the heart of the Virgin Islands National Park. Here you will find more than a quarter mile of white sugar sand meeting every shade of Caribbean blue. Trunk Bay also hosts an under water snorkel trail marked off on the small rocky island just yards from the beach. A wonderful place to lounge, snorkel and enjoy the amenities of this pristine national park destination.

Rentals at Trunk Bay

After parking or being dropped by taxi you will pass through Trunk Bay’s short and paved walk way and right away come to the chair and snorkel rental options. On your right you will find 2 bath houses and one accommodating shower house. The amenities here are paved and very clean making for a great transition to the rest of your day in comfort.

If you continue on the paved path you can head straight and left to covered gazebos that are available for rental through the Virgin Islands National Park. Applications must be submitted and approved in advanced. The fee for Trunk Bay’s covered rentals is $75.00 with a deposit to be made at the National Park Visitor Center in Cruz Bay.

Continuing down the paved path and to the right will bring you to the quaint snack bar equipped with frozen drinks, light fare and toes-in the sand gift shop.

Admissions Rates at Trunk Bay

At this time, admission rates have not been re-implemented since hurricane Irma hit the island in September 2018. Parking is also free of charge, yet limited. This time of year we are noticing that the parking lot is full by 10 am but that taxis run quite frequently and catching someone on their way out may be a sign that you’re meant to stop!

Now That You have the Breakdown…

If you are visiting the US Virgin Islands and have rented a car there is a car barge that runs between St. Thomas and St. John several times a day. This would be a wonderful way to explore both islands and compare for yourself Magens Bay Vs. Trunk Bay.


Mercury Retrograde Stock photo

Mercury Retrograde

The first few words and we have already attempted to save this draft 3 times. Why? MERCURY RETROGRADE. This is not the first blog post we have made during this time of APPARENT change of Mercury’s movement in the sky but it will be the first that doesn’t miraculously disappear before it is live since March 5th. With Mercury Retrograde comes some serious bug-a-boos that we are starting to believe.. even in paradise.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Glad you asked!  Retrograde refers to the apparent change in movement of a planet in the sky, making it appear to move backwards. As you may remember from paper mache solar system days we are a part of a Heliocentric (SUN centered) Solar System.  In this type of solar system retrograde can occur when a fast moving planet catches up to a not as fast moving planet and passes it. The movement is only apparent and the planet Mercury is not actually moving backwards however the effects seem to be very VERY real.

Mercury Retrograde Effects

Admittedly, we do not speak Astrology fluently and most of this is just for fun but here is our experience… Mercury Retrograde effects most people. It is a time where frustration seems to be a common feeling along with the feeling that everything is at a stand still; call it “island time.” We have learned that Mercury is the ruler of and therefore effects communication, intellect, contracts, education and all matters of the mind. Now, mind you, we have a lot of experience with island time and we are quite flexible, patient, resilient, etc (“toot- toot”…thats our horn) but this MR gave us a run for our money. Other than sailing communicating with our guests is the best part of our job and it has been anything but typical recently. Blog posts have disappeared into oblivion, emails have gone to spam and web development has become stagnant. Coincidence? Maybe.


How to Stay Pro during Retro

We have taken it back to the stone ages; finding cell phone service and calling our guests to book direct. Less room for retrograde error and we can go back to simply sailing which is a super refreshing reminder of whats really important to us. Our advice for Mercury Retrograde is quite similar to  our advice for enjoying the islands- go the with flow. Here is our quick island/Mercury Retrograde survival guide:

  1. Stay flexible. The beach you planned on going to may not have a single parking spot, keep driving or come check back after lunch at Skinny Legs.
  2. Expect the unexpected. The gas station has run out of gas before, private villas have run out of water and bars have run out of your beverage of choice. Fill up when you can, conserve water and have a back up drink in mind…or hit The Taproom for a Virgin Islands Ale you have been wanting to try.
  3. Stay positive. Everyone is a bit confused when they are on vacation and when Mercury is in retrograde so keep it light and live in the moment. If you need some reminding of why you’re here check out the sunset from the Cruz Bay overlook or the bow of our sailboat.
  4.  Double check all of your information. Villa check in times, flight schedule (and airport arrival times), customs fees in the British Virgin Islands, ferry schedules and if your passport is signed and valid (if you’re traveling to the BVI)
  5. Relax and take care of yourself. Easy to do when you’re in the most beautiful place in the world! Book a massage, go for a sail or take a yoga class. When all else fails take your book to the beach and breathe.

When Mercury Retrograde Returns

Well, with just a few more hours of this confusing phenomenon we are here to say; peace out Mercury Retrograde. We will not miss you but we have laughed with blame on you a few times in the last couple of weeks so thank you for that. We are going to zen out until we are prepared for you July 8th return. Deuces.

The Car Barge Between Islands

What is the Car Barge?

In the US Virgin Islands, in place of bridges or tunnels, we use ferries and barges to travel between islands. The car barge between Redhook, St. Thomas and Cruz Bay, St. John operates 7 days a week making it possible to travel with your own set of wheels for a day of relaxation or errands. The car barge is just what it sounds like; a barge for cars. You back your vehicle onto the boat and ferry to a new island.

The Best Way to get to St. John

If you visit St. John you have the option to come via passenger ferry (which we recommend) and rent a car once you arrive. There are several companies right within walking distance from the ferry port such as Varlack Auto, Hospitality Jeep Rentals, St. John Jeep Rentals and L&L. You also have the option to rent your vehicle at the St. Thomas Airport and make your way to the east end (Redhook) for the car barge. Before you make your reservation, make sure that your rental agency approves of your vehicle going to St John and double check your flight arrival is at least 3 hours before the last car barge scheduled.

Living and vacationing on the remote island of St. John is wonderful for many reasons; the beaches are absolutely beautiful, the Virgin Islands National Park makes up 70% of the island and the community is strong and independent. It is not, however, the land of conveniences or affordable groceries (or diapers, shampoo, tooth paste.. see where we are going?) which brings us, with gratitude, to the car barge traveling to St Thomas.

St Thomas; Bigger, Bolder but still Beautiful

Currently, St Thomas has a few options for bigger, box-like stores such as Price Smart (a Costco-inspired bulk store), Home Depot, K mart (actually, TWO kmarts!) and Food save? There is also a Walgreens, Wendy’s,  Subway, KFC, Dominos AND a little Caesar’s inside of the Tutu Mall Kmart. So a few more recognizable names that might accompany you on a utilitarian errands day.

St. Thomas is not just for running errands though! There are several beautiful stops worth making like the famous Magen’s Bay, Paradise Point and Coki Beach just to name a few. There is some great opportunity for shopping the water front in Charlotte Amalie as well as higher end shopping in Yacht Haven Grand . St Thomas is also home to the Cyril E King airport, the main hospital, the courthouse building (hello destination wedding– marriage licenses!) social security office and import/export couriers.

Many of our Morningstar guests over the years enjoy a great day of [is]land cruising and beach hopping via car barge. We recommend packing a cooler (there are no open container laws in the USVI but legal BAC levels do apply and you must wear a seatbelt) for a day on St. John. A dry change of clothes and any other necessities will come in handy as you will have your very own “home base” for the day. Trunk Bay offers amenities including showers so it may be best to finish your beach day here, clean up and hit Cruz Bay for happy hour or an early dinner before the last barge.

Which Barge to Take and What Time

There are two companies that operate the alternating car barges and they offer one way tickets for $35.00 as well as round trip tickets for $50.00 and must be paid with cash or check. Please be very cautious of the ticket timing. This is not a guarantee that your vehicle will fit on any given time on the ticket so please buffer your arrival to wait in line. There is a $4.00 port fee for vehicles departing at Thomas, also cash so be sure to hit the ATM if you’re low on cash! Happy barging everyone!

  Car Barge Round Trip Ticket on Love City
Car Barge Round Trip Ticket, Alternating Schedule

Sailing with Henley

Henley keeping an eye on our snorkelers

Sailing with Henley

So yesterday we celebrated something fun…our mascot Henley’s 4th birthday. Some of you may have sailed with him, others may have seen his picture on Trip Advisor or Facebook over the last 4 years; he is our mascot, “second mate” and best friend! Henley is a maltese-shitzu, hypo-allergenic 11 lb sailor…seriously, he’s been at sea as often as possible since he came home with us at 8 weeks. So what do completely sane people do for their dog’s 4th birthday? Not really sure but we made him some sweet potato and grilled chicken and started him a instagram account (@sailingwithhenley)

Henley’s history

Henley was born local in St. Thomas and is named after Henley Cay, a small island off of St. John. He wasn’t always Henley, we knew that we would have to know him a little better before giving him his forever name and so we called him “Doug.”  We figured “Doug” and “Dog” sounded enough alike that maybe he wouldn’t be too confused when we named him for good.  We settled on Henley but unable to cut ties with our Doug days we gave him a middle name…a proper one, of course, Douglas.  Henley Douglas, aka Hen-dawg, has great sea legs, wonderful people skills and doesn’t [typically] beg for food.  He loves the shade, Captain Mike and hopping from dingy to sailboat.  He travels like a boss (ferries, planes, trains, auto-mobiles.. you get the idea) and we are excited to see him sailing our new vessel and meeting new guests!

Henley’s Instagram

We mentioned that we made him an Instagram and we did so per request of one of our more recent guests. We laughed at the idea, only briefly, before realizing it is pure genius. So many of our guests buddy up with Henley, snuggle or sun bath for the day and almost always take a selfie. We want to see more of those so we started this account with a reflection of what we think his personality is and some light hearted humor to accompany his cute face.


Henley does not always sail with us. Sometimes he stays home or, more often then not,  sits in the car with the AC on while we run errands. He IS always available upon request and we also have no hard feelings if someone requests a day without him.

If you’re reading this and have a photo of or with Henley please send them over to us @ [email protected]


St. Patricks Day in the VI

St. Patricks Day Parade, Virgin Islands Style

Morningstar Charters St. Patrick’s Day Parade 


Yesterday, March 16th, the tiny island of St. John celebrated St. Patricks Day (yes, a day early!) with the famous and possibly shortest parade in the Virgin Islands! Starting at 8 am small crowds gathered in the streets and surrounding bars in Cruz Bay to claim stake on the most desired parade seats; most famously the balcony at The Quiet Mon Pub. The early morning ferries lent to more people coming over from St. Thomas to join the fun for the 12 oclock parade! Other great seats include Woodys Seafood Saloon, Tap and Still, Connections and out front of La Tapa.


The parade starts at 12 pm (ish, of course…we respect island time!) across from the fire department in Cruz Bay, rounds the only round about on island and heads down what would be considered “main street” anywhere else. This street is one block, start to finish and ends at a cross roads of one way roads. The parade heads right on the one way passing Dog House Pub, Long Board and Thomas’s Our Market Smoothie Stand (amazing and fresh smoothies for a hot parade day!) as it makes it’s way towards Mongoose Junction to conclude.

 Who & What

Anyone is invited to participate in the parade so you will find groups of friends, businesses, restaurants, fitness classes and other private groups who get festive together and join the fun.

See you next year and Happy St. Patricks Day

Be there next year the Saturday before St. Patricks day for the shortest parade and join or watch the good times roll…100 yards!


New Baby Donkey Spotted In the Virgin Islands National Park

You may have noticed there is someone new in town! We spotted this adorable newbie a few weeks back with wobbly brand new baby legs walking through the National Park in St. John and just had to pause for a picture. Since then we have seen him/her almost every day growing stronger and learning the lay of the land. Look how cuuuute!

Non-Native Wild Animals

Like many non-native animals here in the islands the donkeys are wild. Though we are unsure of when exactly they were introduced their stories date back to the plantation days when they were used primarily for running the sugar mills, their sturdy power and even transportation. You can find these adorable and (mostly) friendly donkeys roaming the streets, beaches, sugar mills and sometimes back yards. That said, be careful if you turn your back on your lunch…they might just snatch it up! Like any wild animal, feeding the donkeys is frowned upon as their natural diet consists on fruit they find in nature, grass, tree shrub and other desert like plants.

You can find these curious creatures in many places here in the US Virgin Islands but primarily in St. John with a concentration in the Virgin Islands National Park. Cruz Bay, St. John, also known as love city at times, is a beautiful and unique place for many reasons. One of those reasons is the donkeys and another is the people. They people here are very special, mostly loving and communal. So as you can imagine we look out for each other AND the donkeys. When the island becomes very dry you may catch a good samaritan at any time leaving a bucket of water here or there for the donkeys. If that doesnt warm your heart, what will?!


So, theres our little piece on the donkeys, the “new guy” and just another reason these beautiful islands are so special!


Morningstar Charters has a new flyer in Cruz Bay!

Morningstar Charters Hits the pavement

Yesterday Morningstar Charter’s crew went back to the pavement to touch base with some of our beloved partners here in Cruz Bay!  The reason? We have a NEW flyer hot off the press and its a real show stopper! It is always nice to touch base and check in with our fellow community members and see what they have going on. So heres what we saw..

Some of our stops

Dave and Julie with #CoconutCoast studios were hard at work both behind the screen and hands on making sure all of their 12 units are in top of the line shape. We checked out the new (and seriously beautiful!) merchandise that  #GallowsPoint gift shop and concierge desk has in stock and were charmed by Diane’s warm personality! It is a must stop for everyone visiting St. John! They have a great coffee bar, ice cream cooler and plenty of cold drinks to refresh you for your walk to town or….our boat!

#GrandBay commented on our sunset sail picture…because hey, who can resist those cheeks?! Have you checked out Grand Bay? It is centrally located in the heart of Cruz Bay just steps from the beach with luxury villas managed by both the hotelier and private owners and we HIGHLY recommend them! An added bonus for all; watch our seagrass blue vessel swing on her mooring, sail out for the day or return at sunset. We love showing our Grand Bay guests VIP treatment with door to boat deliveries.

Some others that we checked in with included: #SignatureVillasSt.John, #IslandAbodes, #WoodysSeafoodSaloon, #ConnectionsCruzBay, #ConnectionsCoralBay & #StJohnVillaCompany & #CrandallOnStJohn


That concludes day 1 in Cruz Bay for our new flyers…but we aren’t done  yet! We cant wait to visit our friends in St. Thomas this week as well as some others in Cruz Bay that we have yet to catch up with!

Have you seen our flyers  or rack cards around yet? If so, where?! We would love to hear from you!