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Mercury Retrograde

The first few words and we have already attempted to save this draft 3 times. Why? MERCURY RETROGRADE. This is not the first blog post we have made during this time of APPARENT change of Mercury’s movement in the sky but it will be the first that doesn’t miraculously disappear before it is live since March 5th. With Mercury Retrograde comes some serious bug-a-boos that we are starting to believe.. even in paradise.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Glad you asked!  Retrograde refers to the apparent change in movement of a planet in the sky, making it appear to move backwards. As you may remember from paper mache solar system days we are a part of a Heliocentric (SUN centered) Solar System.  In this type of solar system retrograde can occur when a fast moving planet catches up to a not as fast moving planet and passes it. The movement is only apparent and the planet Mercury is not actually moving backwards however the effects seem to be very VERY real.

Mercury Retrograde Effects

Admittedly, we do not speak Astrology fluently and most of this is just for fun but here is our experience… Mercury Retrograde effects most people. It is a time where frustration seems to be a common feeling along with the feeling that everything is at a stand still; call it “island time.” We have learned that Mercury is the ruler of and therefore effects communication, intellect, contracts, education and all matters of the mind. Now, mind you, we have a lot of experience with island time and we are quite flexible, patient, resilient, etc (“toot- toot”…thats our horn) but this MR gave us a run for our money. Other than sailing communicating with our guests is the best part of our job and it has been anything but typical recently. Blog posts have disappeared into oblivion, emails have gone to spam and web development has become stagnant. Coincidence? Maybe.


How to Stay Pro during Retro

We have taken it back to the stone ages; finding cell phone service and calling our guests to book direct. Less room for retrograde error and we can go back to simply sailing which is a super refreshing reminder of whats really important to us. Our advice for Mercury Retrograde is quite similar to  our advice for enjoying the islands- go the with flow. Here is our quick island/Mercury Retrograde survival guide:

  1. Stay flexible. The beach you planned on going to may not have a single parking spot, keep driving or come check back after lunch at Skinny Legs.
  2. Expect the unexpected. The gas station has run out of gas before, private villas have run out of water and bars have run out of your beverage of choice. Fill up when you can, conserve water and have a back up drink in mind…or hit The Taproom for a Virgin Islands Ale you have been wanting to try.
  3. Stay positive. Everyone is a bit confused when they are on vacation and when Mercury is in retrograde so keep it light and live in the moment. If you need some reminding of why you’re here check out the sunset from the Cruz Bay overlook or the bow of our sailboat.
  4.  Double check all of your information. Villa check in times, flight schedule (and airport arrival times), customs fees in the British Virgin Islands, ferry schedules and if your passport is signed and valid (if you’re traveling to the BVI)
  5. Relax and take care of yourself. Easy to do when you’re in the most beautiful place in the world! Book a massage, go for a sail or take a yoga class. When all else fails take your book to the beach and breathe.

When Mercury Retrograde Returns

Well, with just a few more hours of this confusing phenomenon we are here to say; peace out Mercury Retrograde. We will not miss you but we have laughed with blame on you a few times in the last couple of weeks so thank you for that. We are going to zen out until we are prepared for you July 8th return. Deuces.

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